Lyle teaches a mindfully aligned vinyasa flow, often emphasizing on long holds once the body is warm and awakened. He specializes in Yoga for Athletes and Yoga for Climbers, helping these athletes create more flexibility, balance and strength for their athletic pursuits.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga is a practice that blends the mindfulness of yoga with partner acrobatics. Lyle and Jaimie offer instruction in the foundations of Acro Yoga, intermediate acrobatic practice (including transitions and washing machines) and therapeutic flying.  Their favorite to teach is the Slackro style, a YogaSlackers specialty of slackline inspired Acro Yoga.

Slackline Yoga

Slacklining is a moving meditation that was born out of the 1980s climbing scene in Yosemite Valley. Slacklines come in various widths and lengths, but generally consist of stringing webbing between two anchor points, whether they be trees, rocks or man-made anchors. The YogaSlackers have translated an entire yoga practice to this 1" wide yoga mat, including all of the same modalities of practice - sitting, standing, kneeling, arm balances, inversions, lying down and transitions to form the Slackasana practice.