Acro Gym is a 75 minute weekly class to help you refine and accelerate your Acro Yoga practice. We will spend the beginning of class warming our bodies up and then transition into various calibrations and range of motion drills to become stronger and more capable as Acro-Yogis. The more we practice, the easier it gets! 

Some experienced preferred but this class is open to all levels. If you are newer to the practice, please be prepared to move at a faster pace. 

***No partner required! We will be working in different groups throughout the class.***

Acro Gym

New time and location TBA

Learning to Fly

New time and location TBA


Join Lyle and Jaimie for these all-levels friendly weekly classes to gain strength and flexibility, build confidence, and tune in better to the subleties of moving your body. Acro Yoga utilizes many of the same subtle movements and body engagements that rock climbing does, making it a great cross training workout for climbers. 

The great part is that you don't have to have any acro, yoga or climbing experience to enjoy this practice! Just come with an open mind and ready to play and you'll do well. You don't even need a partner (but bring one if you're able!) 


Yoga for Athletes


Coming soon!


A yoga practice specifically for athletes - a carefully crafted practice designed to help open and lengthen tight spots in the body, bring stillness to our busy minds and aid in our athletic gains. Especially great for climbers, cyclists and CrossFit athletes.